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Why live with the constant NAGGING and DECEIVING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS that you are NOT WORTHY, NOT ENOUGH, or BROKEN?


It’s not true!

Take the first step and find out how you can live a full blossoming life, impacting your present for the future.

Together, we can decide which option is right for you. It is the support that makes a difference.

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Hear from La-Toya, your Coach


I am passionate about helping women break free from emotional setbacks that overwhelm while rediscovering and learning to love themselves again. It began at the age of seven, while attending a church camp there I met a girl who confided in me. She was living in a children's home with severe scars as a result of her mother burning her with hot water. I vowed that day that I wanted to help persons who are hurt or feel broken.

Fast forward to fourteen years later, I got my bachelor's degree in Social Work and ten years later after completing my master's in Counselling Psychology Blooming in Freedom was birthed.

Blooming in Freedom offers the space to share your innermost thoughts and hurt without being judged, embrace your uniqueness and leave being whole having experienced healing.


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community support

A problem shared is a problem halved


Too often, we feel isolated and alone. Not trusting others to understand what is going on for us. But without support, the road to freedom can feel endless.

This community won’t make the problem go away. But it does help to feel supported by people who understand what you are going through, and truly care about your wellbeing.



Consisting of a Facebook group and occasional resources shared by email, this community is here for you. It’s a place where you can share your fears, your hopes, self-care tips, ways of getting through the day. It’s a space where you can safely share that you’re struggling to get through the day.

This community exists to provide that ‘virtual’ hug, those soothing words, and that knowledge that you don’t need to do this alone.